How to Change the Color of Anything in Photoshop!

In this tutorial I'm going to use photo by Mike Meyers on Unsplash

Correctly changing any color in Photoshop, in a way that not even a trained eye will notice, can seem quite hard and out of reach for most people. Luckily, it’s not.


It is always nice to have control over what you are doing. You may have a couple of similar or even the same color objects in the scene, but if you don’t want to change color of both of them, you have to zone them out.

Select your object

There are many ways you can select stuff in Photoshop. The easiest ones are the automated ones.

  • Magic Wand Tool → Select Subject
  • Object Selection Tool → Drag over your object that you want to select
  • Magic Wand Tool → Click on Color (This should be used only for backgrounds as this tool is pretty harsh and usually doesn’t make a very good job selecting objects.)

If you want to change color anything but the object navigate to Select → Inverse

Create New Group with Mask

Create a New Group by pressing the new group icon. Then, while your object is selected, press the mask button to create a new mask on a group layer.

After you did all this, your layer tab should look something like this.

Using the Color Replacement Tool

This tool may not be the most accurate one, and it also is destructive, meaning you can’t revert changes you made sometime after. But with its help, you’ll achieve good results exceptionally quickly.

It acts as a brush, and to select it- right-click brush icon and select Color Replacement Tool.

Once it is destructive, I recommend creating a copy to paint on and putting it into a folder with a mask.

Once this is done, select color you want to replace as secondary, and color you wish to paint the object with as primary

Set Tool mode to Hue. For this picture, I used these settings. A more in-depth explanation of each parameter you can find here.

After you are done, paint over your object! And you will see as it magically changes its color.


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