Computer Parts for Graphic Design and Photography

Hardware, Photoshop
When buying a PC, you have many options available for every part of it. CPU, RAM, GPU, all come in various forms and models. Even for Mac, you have plenty of options. Picking the right ones for the job you need can be extremely difficult when you are not an…

Best Android Apps for Photo Editing

Editing, Mobile Apps
Editing images on mobile can be frustrating, some apps don’t know how to crop, others can’t resize, some even literally don’t work. Here you will find all the best Android apps for photo editing on the market. Photoshop Express Adobe is undoubtedly a leader in tools for graphic design, and…

How to Create a Gradient in Photoshop

Photoshop, Tutorials
Gradient has many uses in Photoshop. Every Photoshop user needs to learn how to create and use gradients.   Creating a gradient can be as simple as selecting a gradient tool, choosing colors you want, and click and drag from one side to another.  But there are many more options and…

Creating Pixel Art in Minecraft

Pixel Art, Tutorials
minecraft banner pixel art sheep skull jaws and hill
Minecraft is, at this point, a classic game known for its limitless possibilities to build, explore, create, and have fun. One of them is to create pixel art. We will take a look at basically every way you can create pixel art in Minecraft. So, what are they? Building pixel…

How to set-up Photoshop for pixel art

Pixel Art, Tutorials
photoshop interface pixel art frog
Original Frog Pixel art by ILKke The style created by limitations of past generation computer graphics is living its life to this day, and because of its inspiring nature, its popularity grows. Modern computers provide theoretically endless capabilities for creativity, resolution of images produced counts to tens of millions of…

How to Change the Color of Anything in Photoshop!

Photoshop, Tutorials
Dual tone pink yellow rotary dial phone
In this tutorial I'm going to use photo by Mike Meyers on Unsplash Correctly changing any color in Photoshop, in a way that not even a trained eye will notice, can seem quite hard and out of reach for most people. Luckily, it’s not. Preparation It is always nice to…